Spring Equinox/ Full Moon Devotional Painting

Let’s make paintings under the full moon! Let’s celebrate and cultivate our connection to our intuitive nature and Spring. Join me for full moon devotion painting. We will go outside and sketch and then come into the studio to paint. I will give some simple instructions on how one can use materials intuitively to use painting as a devotional practice. 

No experience necessary. Painting is a process not a product.

At Art All Day Studio

0-$40 suggested donation


Intuitive Chakra Painting

Join Artist and Yoga teacher Alison Fox in exploring the beauty of the chakra system through an intuitive watercolor painting practice.  In this two-hour class, you will gain experience using the creative arts to investigate an inner body experience of color and geometry.  Through this painting expression, there is the possibility of deepening your personal connection to this ancient system.

Saturday, March 23rd, 3-5 pm. Happy Buddha Yoga, Goshen, NY.

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Chakra Painting and Yoga

Join this hands-on workshop at Sadhana in Hudson NY. Saturday, April 20th to find out more information about yourself through the creative world of the chakras. Learn how their specific color and geometry can affect your physical and emotional body by practicing body awareness exercises and art-making with watercolors!

April 20, 12:30-2:30, Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga and Art

Ages 6-8. Free.
Location: Montgomery C. Smith Elementary School; open to students registered in the MCSES After School Program.

In this upbeat and fun after-school class, Alison Fox leads children in kid-friendly yoga, mindful movement, and playful art making. By the end of the class series, children will have a portfolio of art and yoga poses to take home and share.

April 18- June 13

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Creativity and Resilience

Using Inquiry as a starting place to raise any question about any subject.

Then we will draw, paint and college to engage and play with our inquiry in a new way. In this way we can wrestle with anything that intrigues, delights or disturbs us.

After a good period of time in the creative process. We will sit with our art/image/piece, take it in for a few minutes and do some "Witness writing." This writing takes the form of description, observation, intuitive response and especially dialogue with the image made.

At the end there is the opportunity to share the writing with each other as a way of announcing to ourselves and any new knowing. Sometimes a group knowing emerges out of individual efforts.

To register call: 518-766-3211